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Soft Process Method

David Alman
Proventative Solutions

Soft Service is a Soft Productivity methodology that
seeks to improve services to customers, through the
quality and efficiency of internal operations.

The benefit of the Soft Service approach is that improvements are driven by focusing on meeting user needs and expectations, and through this focus the value of work practices and relationships in meeting (directly and indirectly) customer requirements are improved.

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Challenges of The Cloud and Software as a Service...


This is a great example of team learning in action,
where together an online community produced an
outcome that was greater than what the individual
contributions would have been.


Many of us have already ventured out into the Cloud and gone the Software as a Service (SaaS) route, no doubt it has been a challenging transition with many hurdles and pitfalls to watch out for along the way. I'd like to share with you the research undertaken by the Chartered Institute for IT's LinkedIn group on the challenges of SaaS adoption.

Cloud Computing is not just about getting IT off the books and reducing investment and maintenance costs into software (SW) and hardware (HW). It has also proven to be much more than just another way to deliver an IT service, it ushers in a new paradigm in the way we think about IT.

In the new paradigm CIOs and IT directors take on the role of service broker and integrator, matching services to requirements and employing the most effective strategies to enable tactical, operational and strategic objectives.

Armed with the flexibility and agility to dial-up and down services on-demand combined with flexible sourcing options the IT service broker becomes a dependable long-term strategic partner in achieving the end-game for the Business.

That's the paradigm that Cloud Computing and SaaS help to enable, as you might expect with a change of that magnitude the journey is fraught with pitfalls and challenges that can make or break an IT department.

Here are some of the key challenges to watch out for when embarking on the SaaS route.

I would like to thank my colleagues at the Chartered Institute for IT, Mandy, Gary, Mark, Ashish, Paul N, Jon and Paul C, for participating in this research project and sharing their knowledge and experience.

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