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The Immutability of Change Management...


Life is a journey that requires as its premise the ability to
adapt and change continually along its path ― to embrace
change means to embrace life at its heart.


Whether we like it or not we are driven by change, the concept of perpetual change has been with us since the days of Aristotle, when he captured the philosophical notion of the 'Unmoved Mover'. In the 13th century St. Thomas Aquinas took the notion one step further, laying the foundation for modern thought regarding the nature of being with 'Prima Causa'. The first cause being god, from which everything else moved.

We live in a constant flux of change, our seasons and climatic conditions are constantly changing, enterprises change by way of corporate conquest, governments change, even entire civilizations come and go.

This is why as a people we often seek permanence, a rock to hold on to, on which to build a solid foundation for our lives. Permanence does have its drawbacks, indeed it has led to the downfall of civilizations. Because the intrinsic stability of permanence often precludes the flexibility required to adapt and survive.

How do we survive in IT? IT is driven by change, our assets are carefully planned and our outcomes meticulously scheduled and managed in order to deliver on time and within defined scope, quality, cost and risk.

We certainly have the processes and know-how to manage change well during defined periods of change, which we call Service Transition in the ITIL® Service Management framework, but how about our ability to manage change as a constant?

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