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Embracing Systems Thinking Journey - Challenges...


We continue the Embracing Systems Thinking
journey by exploring our Cultures and
Perceptions in an online dialogue.


At the Lean Agile Systems Thinking conference on 2 August two Embracing Systems Thinking (ST) workshops were held, their outputs highlighted the key themes for further understanding and working-out, focusing on the Challenges and Embedding ST. The preliminary analysis helps to provide an extended context, and this post follows up on the preliminary analysis providing the basis for a continued dialogue on the challenges.

Key Themes

According to the preliminary analysis Culture and Perception presented the biggest challenges to embracing Systems Thinking. Here are the key themes to explore in our dialogue regarding Culture and Perception:

Either, Or -> AND
Grey is Wrong
Management Style
Predetermination of Solutions
Prevailing Organizational Culture
ST Awareness in Services
Symptomatic Problem Solving
Time to Think

On the following link you can find a brief and hopefully refreshing description of the key themes... In both morning and afternoon workshops Culture and Perception were called out as the top challenges with embracing ST.
Next Steps

Pick-up a key theme from the above list and explore it here online by leaving a comment on the following link... Here are some questions to help guide the thought process:

1. Are these themes (or similar ones) currently happening in our organization? Have they happened before?
2. What kind of structures drive these themes? Why and how do the structures exist?
3. What is my understanding of the themes and structures? Do others know about their existence?
4. What is my belief about all of this? Am I making any assumptions about my understanding and beliefs, why am I making them?

Join the dialogue and leave a comment here...

Download the mindmap, check out the preliminary analysis and explore some different views on the key themes for further context:

Download the Embracing Systems Thinking Workshops Mindmap (PDF)...

Some different views of the key themes of Culture and Perception...

Check out the preliminary analysis...

Download Sea of Systems...

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