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Why Organizational Learning in IT?

It's not very often that we talk about competitive advantage in the context of an IT organization, especially if the IT organization in question is an internal service unit or shared service, which provides services to clients within a broader organization or enterprise.

The fact is that if an IT organization cannot keep up with the rate of change it will fall behind. The crux of the problem for IT organizations is this: Technologies, Applications, Processes, Methodologies, Techniques, Standards, Principles, Guidelines and even Management Styles are all portable - they can all be copied, re-bundled and reused.

A competitive advantage only really counts if it can be sustained. Whatever an IT organization does today to create a competitive advantage using technology or processes, there's a fair chance it is already being done better and cheaper by their competitors. It has become perfectly plausible that the only way to develop and maintain a sustained competitive advantage is through Organizational Learning.

It must come from within, if every conceivable advantage can be bought, it must originate from what cannot be bought ― the amalgamation of the collective intelligence that is produced when an organization learns. Moreover, an IT organization's ability to learn faster, smarter & better than their competitors may be the only determining factor in its future success.

How does your IT organization stand, does it have a Learning Culture?

Check-out the new 2016 Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking Survey Report:

Organizational Learning in IT

Our ongoing objective is to raise the awareness of Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking throughout IT and to this end we have created a survey aimed at determining an IT organization’s readiness to nurture a learning culture.

Your participation in the survey will help to further our quantitative understanding of Organizational Learning in IT, and if requested we will provide a follow-up assessment and informational pack including: a summary, IT industry benchmark and recommendations to enable a Learning Culture in your IT organization:

Please take a few minutes to participate in the survey by reflecting on the questions in the context of your IT organization. Launch Survey

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